Personalized Retargeting

That Brings Your Customers Back

On average, over 98% of visitors leave before making a purchase or registration. Our personalized retargeting is guiding customers back to your site, no matter how large or small your company is.
Using smart algorithms and precise targeting, our self-service platform provides you with the same advantages of retargeting technology that market leading companies once had exclusively to themselves — until now!

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Self-Service Retargeting Platform boosts your profits by connecting local ad networks and global ad exchanges with advanced personalized retargeting technology.

Boost Conversions

We‘re all about the results, be they more clicks, conversion, or leads. leverages local and global ad networks and global ad exchanges to maximize exposure and help you reach your objectives.

100% Transparent

You never have to guess or read tea leaves to know what‘s going on with your campaign. Our simple and intuitive platform allows you to quickly adjust all campaign parameters and our tracking lets you monitor all campaigns, bid rates, and other KPM‘s 24/7.

Personalized Ads

Real live humans tend to prefer and respond better to personalized ads which is why personalized ads help dramatically increase conversion rates. Our Banner Designer helps you quickly create your own unique dynamic banners in just minutes.


Useful Benefits

Self-Service Retargeting with Full Service Benefits

We Generate Results is obsessed with delivering maximum ROI for our clients and we never stop looking for ways to improve results and your bottom line.

Transparent Pricing

All of our impressions are bought at a real-time bidding (RTB) auction on a CPM basis and that is also how we sell thus making our entire system completely transparent from the moment you sign up.

Vast Network of Partners

We are connected to multiple worldwide and local ad exchanges to provide your online business with loads of targeted traffic.

Set Your Own Budget

Set whatever budget you feel comfortable with and never worry about minimum investments using our convenient self-service interface.

All-In-One Platform

Now you can launch Banner ads across multiple ad networks, exchanges or mobile in one campaign and have unified capping.

Start in Just Minutes

Once signed up, simply insert our tracking pixel on your site and immediately start building your retargeting campaigns in just minutes.


Focus on E-Commerce

Self-Service Retargeting Made Easy

Create Dynamic Banners

Quickly create or edit
Dynamic banners using
our Banner Design tool.

Build Your Audience

Our easy interface allows you to quickly build your audience and then track everything to maximize results.

Import Your Products

Automatically import your products from almost any XML file with our universal data feed processor.

View Bid Rates

See how much you are paying for ad impressions in real time bidding auctions to ensure you always get the best value.

DEMO Preview

See Our Ads in Action

Dynamic Ad

  1. Just visit, browse a few items, then open back up our page's tab and hit the Refresh and see the new banner ads appear with the products you just browsed! | Self Service Retargeting Platform
Account levels

Select Your Account

For your convenience, we offer three levels of service to suit your exact needs and budget.

Once sign-up is complete, you can access your self-service account and immediately create or edit ads, create and optimize campaigns, and access all of our analytic tools.
Larger clients will be offered an account manager free of charge to help with retargeting strategies, optimization, and any assistance that is required.
SEM and digital agencies are welcome to join and start selling our platform to their own clients using our Agency Account that includes a dedicated account manager, custom pricing, and more.


Higher Conversion Rate




Campaigns Running Simultaneously


Our Journey Has Led Us to You

Founded in 2012, is dedicated to helping all clients, big or small, improve conversions and generate maximum ROI by focusing on three vital areas to success:

Constantly Building Our Extensive Ad Networks
Investing in Technology and Innovation
Optimizing Our Algorithms and Processes

Our new self-service retargeting platform puts all of our advanced tools and networks at your disposal so you can quickly take your online business to the next level.

Our investors raised capital from venture capital fund Practica Seed Capital KŪB using the structural support for the 2007-2013 economic growth program, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). investors investors
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