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Marketing platform

Leverage all marketing processes via one interface.

Multi-channel media buying, audience cohorts, affiliate and influencer marketing, mobile, retention management, deep data analysis and real-time reports, and much more makes Adtarget Marketing platform a great helper for structuring marketing processes and increaseing revenue.

Affiliate platform

Versatile tool, easily customizable for any task of affiliate & referral marketing.

Wite label, refined access management, proprietary iOS and Android SDK's, real-time and custom reports, deep API, unlimited conversions and offers, eCommerce integration, antifraud, S2S postbacks, targeting, individual payout schemes - all these features enable strong, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships even with the most demanding partners.


Very capable ad server which meets all modern requirements to tech and functionality.

Professional access management, real-time data analytics, easy campaign set-up, support of all ad types and formats, lightning-fast server responce - make Adtarget AdServer a go to solution for any project.

Market Adtarget.me

Self-service ad platform with pre-made ad templates, automated optimization rules, variety of targeting options, deep analytics, simple e-commerce integration and other useful features. Launch ad campaign with any formats and channels and WW coverage in minutes!

SSP AdTarget

Easily sell your ad inventory to advertisers worldwide.

Native integration with Market Adtarget and DSP inventory monetisation starts instantly after SSP code is placed on your website or app. Advertiser's cabinet, inventory builder, billing system, RTB, Header Bidding, SDK, private auctions, flexible targeting options, sales automation, deep analytics, - bring the monetization of your project to the whole new level.

DSP AdTarget

Convenient bidding platform for professional media buying at scale.

Automated optimization, header bidding and rtb support, rigorous antifraud, all possible ad types and formats, deep analytics, custom reports, e-commerce integration, pre-made ad templates - make Adtarget DSP an essential media buying tool.

Retention platform

Automate your client retention routines.

Automated goal chain creation, proprietary DMP, CRM integration, deep API, analytic module, ads generator.

Tracker Adtarget

Tracker for huge traffic volumes and unlimited sources.

Intelligent traffic distribution system, built-in landing generator, integration with popular ad cabinets and CRM, custom KPI, 2 ms for click recording, external API, multi-level access control, real-time reports, optimization rules and alert system.

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Our partners

  • «We have built our own service for working with paid traffic sources based on AdTarget solutions. It's a golden mean between developing software from scratch and a product that anyone can use. This optimal balance was achieved thanks to factors such as understanding and customizing the platform to the specifics of our business and marketing team, 24/7 full support, high individual data protection, and modern access settings. I can confidently say that our advertising service is reliable and progressive, one step ahead of competitors, thanks in part to AdTarget.»

    Igor Soloninka


  • «Thanks to the rich-media creative generator from AdTarget, we were able to reimagine the use of existing advertising materials and rejuvenate user interest in our message. This was reflected in the response, which was twice as high as that of standard formats. In the future, we plan to scale up the use of dynamic and rich-media creatives, which have proven their high effectiveness.»

    Boriss Sadrins

    Digital Marketing Manager SEB

  • «I would like to note that the AdTarget team creates various templates for displaying non-standard creatives, HTML5-animated creatives, event-based creatives, including branding creatives, which are considered some of the most challenging due to the unique layouts of each website. Adaptability for different browsers and devices is supported. The ease of deployment and use of the AdTarget system, along with its speed and flexible targeting and tracking capabilities, make this system versatile for both direct placements and RTB integration.»

    Ad Ops


  • «Using AdTarget DSP, we increased the volume of acquired traffic by more than 50%, investing only an additional 3% of the budget. But most importantly, we managed to generate incremental conversions and reduce the cost of acquiring new registrations by 57%. With full confidence, we can recommend the AdTarget platform for effective online advertising procurement management.»

    Marketing Team


  • «Sporting websites are often overloaded with advertising because they are very popular among advertisers. We, along with the experts from AdTarget, optimized the quantity and type of ads and applied their codes to ensure that the website's loading speed isn't affected. As a result, the website attracted even more users, and traffic from search engines significantly increased.»

    Trafficking Team


  • «Our multi-service portal is visited daily by a large number of users of different ages, interests, and social groups. Thanks to the use of traffic monetization technologies from AdTarget, including DMP (Data Management Platform), we better analyze the needs of our audience and satisfy them by providing more engaging content.»

    Ad Ops Team


  • «Our main goal was to find a successful provider of dynamic retargeting services, and we did just that. AdTarget provided many other advantages: easy integration with the adtarget.me platform, support for almost any types of product feeds, a local team of technical support specialists, as well as flexibility and developer assistance. All of this positively impacted the high quality and effectiveness of our projects and made our collaboration not only efficient but also enjoyable.»

    Marketing Team


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